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About Us


  TAPS is located in Binlang Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County, in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range. The facilities are located far from urban areas, and are surrounded by a natural environment. For conservation purposes, and to attain the objective of developing laboratory minipigs, Lanyu pigs were introduced into TAPS in 1980.





Production and Supply of Minipigs for Biomedical Research


  To meet both the quality and quantity demands for laboratory minipigs, which can be used for biomedical research and the biotechnology industry, TAPS was requested to produce and provide clean conventional minipigs. Based on policy support and assistance from the Chinese-Taipei Society of Laboratory Animal Sciences (CSLAS), guidelines and standard operation procedures were established and implemented into the animal care and veterinary programs, and the facilities were renovated to meet the needs for minipigs production. To ensure the quality of the animals, health monitoring is carried out seasonally, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is applied to ensure reliable identification, with complete records, of every individual pig. Animal welfare is also a major concern, and is enhanced by housing enrichment and humane management procedures.












Housing & Facilities


  The housing areas and other facilities were constructed for commercial pig production in 1974. Since 2008, ongoing step-by-step renovations and modifications were carried out to meet the requirements for minipig production. In 2009, the commercial pig production at TAPS was ceased so that all the resources can be geared towards the development of minipigs for biomedical usage.








People and Staffs:


Animal Technicians: 5

Veterinarian: 1

Technical Support: 1

Researcher/Manager: 2




Taitung Animal Propagation Station,
Livestock Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
No.30, binlang Vil., Beinan Township, Taitung County 954, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:089-224634 FAX:089-229211